Chaverim is an auxiliary arm of ICCJ.  It is a vibrant organization dedicated to providing a cross-section of social activities designed to strengthen our bonds with our synagogue and our fellow congregants.

Please join us
Although all ICCJ members are welcome at Chaverim events, being a dues-paying member of Chaverim provides much needed support and enables us to better deliver our own special combination of events.  On the accompanying page, you will see the programs planned for this year, so please mark your calendars and share in the fun.  Both men and women are invited to join Chaverim and are eligible to hold office.

Become involved
The Chaverim board holds monthly business meetings and semi-annual general membership meetings each year.  Members are welcome to attend any meeting but please let one of the officers know in advance.

To learn more about Chaverim, call the synagogue office and ask for a Chaverim board member to contact you.

(Pictures available with high resolution from David Schwartz at

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